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How to access the MyBenefits site

You can access the myBenefits site via myHR by following these steps:

  1. Log into myHR. For more information on how to access myHR, including how to access from home, click here
  2. Click on the My Pay & Benefits tab
  3. Under the “My Benefits” Section, click the Health and Insurance tab
  4. Next to “Review your health and/or insurance information”, click Launch
  5. You are now in the myBenefits site and can review your current elections, log a life event, or update your beneficiaries.
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When can I change benefits?

Normally, you can only make benefit changes during the annual enrollment period. However, if you experience a life event, mid-year changes are allowed only if you make your new election within 31-days of the life event and your new election is consistent with the life event. Go online to make life event changes at myHR.